Beautiful Materials
Stunning Craftsmanship
Incredible Sound

Hand crafted guitars that reflect our passion for music.



We use a variety of tonewoods from around the world. Every piece of lumber has been properly dried, seasoned, and acclimated to ensure your guitar plays and sounds its absolute best at all times and in all climates.

Strength, Comfort, Quality

The neck profile is key in creating a playable guitar. Properly dried woods provide both strength and sustain, while the neck shape provides a comfortable playing surface so that you can rock ‘n’ roll all night!

Finishing It Up

When working with some of the finest woods on the planet, it’s paramount that we not upset the wood’s natural resonance with a thick finish. Not only do our finishes go on super thin (around 1.5 human hairs thick to be precise) they gas off over time to become even thinner and allow more of the natural resonance of the wood to come through.


The Little Things

All of our hardware is left up to the experts. The companies we partner with have spent years honing their craft to produce the best hardware possible, all of which is rigorously tested and approved by our team before going into production instruments.

Creating the Sound

In a nutshell, a pickup is designed to “pick up” the vibration of the strings and convert it into an electrical current. Everything from the bobbins, to the magnet, to the wire affect the overall tone and how it interacts with the amp. All of our pickups are carefully crafted to enhance the overall tone of the instrument. 

From Our Hands to Yours

An instrument is much more than the sum of its parts. Our team consists of not only experienced luthiers but every day players as well. We’ve spent tens of thousands of hours creating a product we’re proud to produce right here in our Mesa, AZ shop.