Start to Finish

Wood Selection

We use a variety of tonewoods from around the world. All of our wood has been properly dried, seasoned, and acclimated to ensure your guitar plays and sounds at its absolute best at all times and in all climates.


A variety of construction techniques are used to give you the best playing experience possible. A combination of CNC and hand operations keep the guitars consistent, prices low, and quality maintained. 

Lacquer and finishing

All of our finishes are nitrocellulose lacquer done by Jimmy B Guitars in Mesa, AZ. Jimmy has done thousands of finishes for some of the most accomplished luthiers in the world. If you can describe it (or find a photo) he can make it happen


All of our electric guitar pickups come courtesy of Darkmoon pickups. Not only do we have our proprietary sets but any custom job you might want, they can make it happen!


We currently use Gotoh hardware on all of our instruments. Having used several different companies, we have settled on Gotoh to provide the quality parts we demand. 


No guitar is ever the same which is why we don't currently offer online ordering. Please give us a call to place an order or discuss your custom job!

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